When Accidents Happen, You Deserve an Advocate

When Accidents Happen, You Deserve an Advocate

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If you or someone you love is injured due to another person’s negligence, the last thing you want to do is to learn something new. But personal injuries often lead to insurance claims, paperwork and protocols you’ve never seen before.

“We help a lot of people with personal injuries who are going to a lawyer for the first time in their lives. We want to show them that it can be a good experience, that lawyers can be very caring and helpful,” says Christian Pearson, attorney at Iddins Law Group in Kent.

That’s one of the reasons Iddins Law Group offers complimentary 15-minute phone consultations, so you can receive guidance quickly. They’ll learn about your situation and help you understand what comes next. That may mean referring you to a different type of attorney, or it may mean they offer to take your case on.

“I’m always happy to offer any advice I can, even if I’m not able to take the case. But you should always speak to a lawyer, because often ‘minor injuries’ aren’t as minor as you think,” Pearson says.

Get a Lawyer Early

When accidents happen, whether it’s a vehicle collision, slip and fall or dog bite, insurance companies will move quickly to protect their own interests. It’s up to you to protect yourself, and talking to an attorney is a great first step.

“Facing an injury or wrongful death is stressful. Talking to an attorney gives you some peace of mind, and helps you find answers,” Pearson says.

Lawyers act as a buffer between you and insurance companies. Once you have a lawyer, insurance companies aren’t allowed to speak to you without your lawyer present, which takes a lot of pressure off. Speaking to a lawyer early will also help you develop a convincing case.

“It’s very important to seek proper medical treatment early so there are no gaps that insurance can use to suggest the injury was pre-existing or intervening,” Christian says.

Understanding the Process

Iddins Law Group offers their clients a clear timeline and sets realistic expectations for settlements. Most personal injury cases take approximately nine to twelve months to complete (with some exceptions), and Iddins Law Group is committed to fee transparency.

“Our fees are always contingent for personal injury cases — there’s no charge to the client unless they receive a settlement, and even then our rates are at the industry standard,” Christian says. “I don’t want to give anyone unrealistic expectations. I want my clients to understand how long the process takes, and what kind of compensation is reasonable.”

The statistics show that people who hire an attorney typically earn far more than people who try to navigate the system and negotiate with insurance agencies on their own. That means that even if you don’t win a large lump sum, working with a lawyer has huge benefits.

“There’s such a machinery between lawyers and insurance adjusters. If you’re not familiar with the workings of insurance companies, it’s easy to get stuck in the gears — we grease the wheels to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible!” Christian says.

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