What’s Next? Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate

Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate Iddins Law Group

If you’ve lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re likely feeling a range of emotions including shock, grief and anger. One thing you shouldn’t feel is frustration with your lawyer. “Our clients are dealing with the emotion and stress of the initial accident, plus the loss of a loved one, […]

Compassion is Key — Kent Lawyers Offer Caring, Helpful Service in Times of Stress

Iddins Law Group Kent firm makes law more accessible, transparent

Last month, Iddins Law Group attorney Christian Pearson shared important advice for individuals who have recently been in an accident and are now facing personal injury insurance claims. Iddins Law Group can help you recover on any accident caused by another person. Because of their compassionate service and probate expertise, Iddins Law Group (formerly named Gagley Law Group) […]