Don’t let a car crash haunt you for years to come

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Ghoulies and ghosties aren’t the only ones scaring up your neighborhood this Halloween season. In fact, some of the spookiest people you meet might be on the road. Why? If you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision without adequate insurance, you could face a long, scary road of recovery, unplanned-for bills and other headaches. Taking […]

What’s Next? Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate

Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate Iddins Law Group

If you’ve lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re likely feeling a range of emotions including shock, grief and anger. One thing you shouldn’t feel is frustration with your lawyer. “Our clients are dealing with the emotion and stress of the initial accident, plus the loss of a loved one, […]

Compassion is Key — Kent Lawyers Offer Caring, Helpful Service in Times of Stress

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Last month, Iddins Law Group attorney Christian Pearson shared important advice for individuals who have recently been in an accident and are now facing personal injury insurance claims. Iddins Law Group can help you recover on any accident caused by another person. Because of their compassionate service and probate expertise, Iddins Law Group (formerly named Gagley Law Group) […]

When Accidents Happen, You Deserve an Advocate

Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate Iddins Law Group

If you or someone you love is injured due to another person’s negligence, the last thing you want to do is to learn something new. But personal injuries often lead to insurance claims, paperwork and protocols you’ve never seen before. “We help a lot of people with personal injuries who are going to a lawyer […]

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Best of Kent Contest Fall 2022 Newsletter

Introducing the Iddins Law Group, PS! In January of 2021, we officially changed our name from the Gagley Law Group to the Iddins Law Group, PS. Our clients that have visited us in the past year may have noticed our updated and remodeled office and enjoyed the variety of beverages and snacks we offer. We […]

Myth-Busting Matters: “Minor Injuries” Aren’t Worth Filing a Claim For

A hand seated in a grasping a crutch, taken by Towfiqu barbhuiya.

In personal injury, the extremes are so much easier to understand. Did an accident leave your spine looking like the end of a Jenga game? It’s pretty clear you should file an insurance claim. But what about something small, like a rear-ender at a suburban stoplight? In short, yes, you should. But why? Well, for […]

Dos and Don’ts After a Driving Accident

Dos and Don’ts After a Driving Accident

Car accidents are once-in-a-decade events in the life of the average driver. Immediately following a collision, you are stunned and disoriented at the very least. Regardless of the severity, you’re not likely to act in your best mind. Preparation can help cut through the confusion, and set you up for adequate help later. Here are […]

What Kind of Car Insurance Should I Have?

What Kind of Car Insurance Should I Have?

How do you protect yourself from a car accident? Well, if you’re injured in a car accident by another driver, the other driver’s insurance will pay for it. Liability insurance exists to pay for this. After all, who wants to pay out the nose for their own car and someone else’s car after an accident? […]