Don’t let a car crash haunt you for years to come

Personal Injury - Iddins Law Group

Ghoulies and ghosties aren’t the only ones scaring up your neighborhood this Halloween season. In fact, some of the spookiest people you meet might be on the road. Why? If you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision without adequate insurance, you could face a long, scary road of recovery, unplanned-for bills and other headaches. Taking […]

What’s Next? Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate

Understanding Wrongful Death and Probate Iddins Law Group

If you’ve lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re likely feeling a range of emotions including shock, grief and anger. One thing you shouldn’t feel is frustration with your lawyer. “Our clients are dealing with the emotion and stress of the initial accident, plus the loss of a loved one, […]

What Happens If You Don’t Prepare a Will?

What Happens If You Don’t Prepare a Will? Iddins Law group

You spend your entire life tirelessly earning money to provide comfort, shelter and safety for yourself and your family. When you die, do you want that wealth to go to someone you haven’t talked to in 30 years? “Estate planning is an easy thing to procrastinate on! Most of us would rather not do paperwork, […]

Best Law Firm in Kent!

Iddins Law Group wonderful clients and referral partners

Thanks to our wonderful clients and referral partners, who voted us Best Law Firm in Kent! It is a privilege and an honor to receive this distinguished title. This year, we relish the opportunity to show all of our new estate planning, probate, and personal injury clients WHY we were voted best in Kent.

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Best of Kent Contest Fall 2022 Newsletter

Introducing the Iddins Law Group, PS! In January of 2021, we officially changed our name from the Gagley Law Group to the Iddins Law Group, PS. Our clients that have visited us in the past year may have noticed our updated and remodeled office and enjoyed the variety of beverages and snacks we offer. We […]

How to Choose a Guardian

picture of concrete tiles on which is a parent and child in white road paint, by @kimsuzi08

Your kids deserve great people looking after them. Thank goodness they have you! But without you, who would take care of them? The next person in line is your kids’ other parent, and that’s usually a good choice. But if both of you die, or if you’d rather the other parent not have custody at […]

Myth-Busting Matters: Wills & Trusts Are The Same

Wills & Trusts Are The Same

Wills and trusts. Trusts and wills. Often used in the same sentence, placed under the same area of law, and carrying a similar sense of fancy legalese. New clients regularly call us asking for one or the other, and are confused when we differentiate them. Aren’t they the same? By no means! While they can […]

A Brief Guide to Stepped-Up Cost Basis

A Brief Guide to Stepped-Up Cost Basis

What is Stepped Up Cost Basis and how is it important? Below is our brief guide! In a nutshell, stepped-up cost basis saves you capital gains tax! What’s that? It’s the tax on the value of an asset paid when you sell it, based on the increase in that value (called the adjusted cost basis). […]